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Foot Massage

 AMHERST  NOVA SCOTIA    902-661-0887

Dr. Jennifer Duskocy


Podiatry Services

  • The practice of Podiatry is concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, dysfunction and injury of the foot and ankle, as well as their relationship with the legs, pelvis and back.

  • The goal of Podiatry is to correct and/or palliate your condition, keeping you as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

  • Podiatry services will be covered by most third-party insurance plans.

Adult thai woman suffering with foot pain, sore feet and numbness..jpg

Foot Pain

  •  in the heel area, arch, ball of foot or toes

Orthopedic insoles. Fitting orthotic insoles. Flatfoot treatment. Podiatry clinic..jpg

Foot Orthotics

  • biomechanically corrective for everyday use, at work or for sport

Flat foot both side is part of osteoarthritis of knee_edited.jpg

Pathomechanics- Foot

  • options for a bunion, hammertoe and fallen arches

Image for medical purposes. Dry skin, pl


  • callus, corn, wart, dry/scaly, sweaty

Foot exam of patient with diabetes_edited.png

Diabetic Feet

  • routine footcare, wound care, vascular and neurological testing


Pathomechanics- Lower Extremity

  • correction of a limb length difference; pain/misaligned in knees/hips/back

Fungus Infection on Nails of Man's Foot.jpg


  • ingrown, thickened, fungal, difficult to cut; also partial or total permanent removal

An elderly woman feet with podagra, fung


  • reduce pressure areas in the foot that are a result of disease or malalignment

Image by Simon Berger

All Ages

  • pediatric, adult and geriatric specified footcare

Meet the Podiatrist


  • Providing professional and compassionate footcare to the citizens of Cumberland county and surrounding areas since 2003.

  • Proud member of the Nova Scotia Podiatry Association and Canadian Podiatric Medical Association.

  • Graduate of The Michener Institute for Education at UHN and The University of Guelph.



Maritime Block Building

16 Church Street

Suite 211

Amherst, Nova Scotia

B4H 3A6


Clinic Hours:

(by appointment)

Monday - Wednesday

8:30am - 4:30pm


+ Thursday mornings


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